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Little Ninja CP (NS)


Details of recently changed items and planned future improvements for this control panel can be found below. Not all changes will affect all users as not all users have access to the same facilities. If you come across any bugs or problems in the control panel, please let us know and we shall deal with it promptly.

Version 1.2 (7.10.13)

  • Integration of new Users CP module, allowing main users to create their own sub-users and manage their access (Please get in touch if you would like to add this module to your account.)
  • Improved security for all users due to structural changes required for the new module above
  • Text Editor upgrade across the whole CP

Please get in touch with any feature requests you have for the Little Ninja CP.

General Planned changes:

  • Password reminder and management
  • Online billing and account management for all clients
  • Image management/editing facility
  • Roll out new upload facility to all modules
  • Google image search from within Store module